Martin Pallard Professional Corporation

Chartered Accountant

Certified Public Accountant (New Hampshire, USA)

Income Tax Preparation Services

Federal and Provincial tax rules can be difficult to navigate.  This poses challenges to individuals and businesses from both an income tax compliance and income tax planning perspective.  Martin Pallard Chartered Accountant helps Fort McMurray individuals and small businesses navigate these rules through our income tax services and accounting services.   

Income Tax Services – Individuals

Living and working in Fort McMurray poses unique challenges to individuals preparing their income tax returns.  In particular, the Northern Residents Deduction is widely misunderstood as understanding both the residency and travel components can be challenging and time consuming.  Other additional challenges include identifying and calculating deductions for union dues, moving expenses, and child care expenses as well as identifying tax credits for such items as medical and education expenses.  

Martin Pallard Chartered Accountant takes the time to discuss your unique tax situation in order to identify all potential deductions and tax credits thereby ensuring our clients have maximized their tax situations.  

Should you require a qualified Fort McMurray tax accountant to help you maximize your personal tax return enquire about our income tax services today.